How to Pop the Question?

You’ve made the decision. You’re going to propose. But how? Wouldn’t you be a HERO if you could discover a memorable way to ask her to marry you? You want to be romantic and make your proposal unforgettable. After all, your engagement is a special moment that should be cherished forever. As some of the stories below reflect, the proposal may seem a more daunting task than choosing an engagement ring! There are as many ways to propose as there are couples looking forward spending their lives together.

However you decide to “tie the knot,” the memory of your “Will you…? Yes!!!” moment will remain for a lifetime. Deciding on a proposal that is sweet or startling, stunning or simple matters far less than your choice of a moment and situation that right for both of you.

Read on for some stories we’ve heard over the years — and please share yours with us!


Robert could take a hint. Shortly after he and Angela had visited us, he was back. We had our notes, taken when a wink signaled his intentions. She loved our Signature Serenity Ring© and one carat diamonds.

Robert selected a diamond that sparkled enough to replace his morning coffee, while fitting the constraints of his wallet.

Three weeks later the ring was ready. Although Robert was clearly pleased with the ring, he struggled, “How do people give an engagement ring?” He wanted to overwhelm Angela; so we brainstormed.

We cleared one of our jewelry cases. Robert wrote and tore up several proposals, finally settling on the simple, “Angela, will you marry me?”

We stood the card by her Serenity Ring©, centered in the display in its Brown Goldsmiths box. That evening the two of them happened to stop by to look for Mother’s Day gift ideas. We held our breaths, waiting for them to progress in their browsing to the case that held her ring.

She stopped, stared, gasped and turned to him. They both cried. And so did we.

Marcia’s Birthday Surprise

Rich suggested going out to dinner with their parents on Marcia’s birthday. Her birthday card included his words, “I can’t imagine living my life without you, Marcia. Will you marry me?” which he had her read aloud, once she could speak.

Pizza Night

Friday was pizza night for Drew and Erin. Checking her voice mail before leaving her office for the weekend, Erin heard Drew’s message, “It’s been a long week; I’m too beat to go out. Let’s eat in tonight — I’ll pick up pizzas on the way home.”

Arriving home, Drew stopped to put on a favorite CD before setting the two pizza boxes on the coffee table. “Could you open them?” he asked with a sigh as he plopped onto the sofa.

She did. Box number one: Mushrooms and roasted peppers with extra cheese. Box number two: A Brown Goldsmiths ring box, taped in place to prevent rattling. Inside: three diamonds set in our platinum Ridge Ring© in Erin’s size. “Would you spend the rest of your life with me, Erin?” It took several moments before she could speak, “Oh, yes.”

Pizza night and pizza boxes remain cherished reminders of that moment and the special evening when Drew popped the question.

A Ring with a View

This was the third time Wallace and Kate had hiked together to the top of Bigelow Mountain. They’d juggled a long distance relationship for nearly six years, savoring times together in the out of doors.

When they paused at the top to breathe in the vista, Wallace rummaged in his backpack. Rather than a bag of trail mix, he had something much smaller in his hand — a battery? Swiss Army knife? No, it was a three-stone Cradle Ring©

“I love you, Kate. Please marry me.” The hike down Bigelow was leisurely with frequent stops — wedding ideas, laughter and, of course, mountain-sized hugs.

Treasure Hunt

Amy knew just what sort of ring she wanted and we met with her several times, tweaking designs and looking at diamonds. Geoff worked an extra job some evenings, saving for their new plans and place. We kept her wondering just when such a special ring design could be ready.

When it was ready (Geoff and we agreed on an early due date), he arrived to pick up the ring. He had a twinkle in his eye. When we asked about whether he’d thought about how to pop the question, he grinned, “Sure have!”

He would fill a small room in his apartment with balloons, knee deep. In the ring box he would put a straight pin. The ring, a Harrington© design, would be in one of the balloons. “I’ve worked my #%@ off to get this special ring; Amy will work her #%@ off to find it!”

They still giggle together as they share this story of his proposal.