…and Still Growing

Our Welcome mat is getting lots of wear.  On top of the summer traffic, our Team continues to grow.  We’re delighted that Vladimir’s back at his jeweler’s bench.   Please join us in saying, “Welcome back, Vladimir!” when you stop by.

He's rolling Mokume gani, that is!

Vladimir is back and "ready to roll"--Mokume gani, that is!

An 18-year Brown Goldsmiths veteran, Vladimir is a native of Russia.  Joining Deane, Dustin, and Jim in the workshop, he brings years of jewelry skill, creativity, and resourcefulness to an already great team.  Today Vladimir confided, “I’m glad to be back after my 2 year break.  I’m full of new skills, experiences and design ideas!”  We’re ready!

Most recently Vlad  has been mastering Mokume gani.  Learn more  A “married metals” technique, translated from the Japanese Mokume gani means “wood eye metal.”  This rare metal lamination process was developed and used by Japanese craftsmen in the 17th century for the adornment of samurai swords.

Ask us to show you some of Vladimir’s fine work.