Gold Jewelry

Brown Goldsmiths is pleased to offer a selection of 14kt and 18kt gold jewelry. Some designs are created in our studio, others are from outside designers we are proud to work with. Below is a selection of items from our workshop and some of the excellent designers we feature in our store.

Browns Gold


For thousands of years gold has been prized as a rare and desirable metal. Its rich and appealing color reminds us of the sun.

Nearly 40 years ago we began our careers as goldsmiths when we crafted our first gold project: our own wedding rings. Since that time we have become students of the art, fashioning symbols, objects and trinkets to radiate the warm energies of love, pleasure, and devotion.

Our gold jewelry includes many pieces from both our Signature and Elementals Collections: heavy handmade gold chains, earrings, wedding rings, pendants, and bracelets. Naturally, the pieces featured here represent only a fraction of the gold jewelry created and offered in our showroom.

We invite you to enjoy seeing our designs and hope you will visit our store soon. If you have a special occasion don’t hesitate to write or call us to discuss your ideas.


Zina Gold