Brown Goldsmiths offers a number of services that may be of interest to you. If you’re excited by the prospect of working with talented designers and goldsmiths to develop a special design idea, choose Custom Design to learn about what is involved.

Often, new customers learn about Brown Goldsmiths from their friends who have something repaired, restored or reproduced. If you are interested in having a special heirloom repaired, restored or reproduced, learn more in our Repair & Restoration section.

Pearls and gemstone beads often require special attention. If your pearls need restringing or cleaning, click Pearl & Bead Restringing to find out how.

Perhaps your insurance company requires that you provide them with a new or updated appraisal. If so, learn about our credentials and what is involved at Appraisals. If you simply want to know the identity of a certain gem without a full-blown appraisal, learn about our Gemstone Identification service.