Pearl & Bead Restringing

Restringing is fundamental to the preservation of pearls and gemstone beads. The standard wisdom is to restring every year or two, depending on the frequency of wear. At Brown Goldsmiths, we string with silk rather than nylon. Silk is more flexible, ensuring that pearls and beads lie attractively when worn on one’s neck. We separate each bead with an individual knot for safety. Though more time consuming, this is the standard by which all fine and gemstones should be strung.

Cultured pearls should be treated gently and benefit from proper wear and care. Avoid direct contact with cosmetics, hairspray and perfume, which can damage your pearls. When getting ready, put your pearls on last. Likewise, when undressing, be sure to take them off first. Wipe gently with a damp cloth after each wear and store pearls separately, preferably in a lined jewelry box. This prevents scratching. They can be cleaned by soaking briefly in a standard liquid pearl cleaner, rinsing thoroughly with water and drying with a soft cloth.