Vintage Brown Goldsmiths

Our 45th Anniversary year begins!  Each milestone prompts us to reminisce.  Sifting through boxes of memorabilia, we thought this newspaper clipping seemed to beckon, “Share me!”

Hand-raising holloware the old way
This is noisy work!

An August 8th Portland Press Herald headline read “Village Smithies Stir Memories of Yesteryear.”  Staff writer Dan Warren penned an article with this and other photos in 1976.  Photo caption read:

FINISHING TOUCH— Steve Brown taps out final details on a copper bowl he is making for a summer resident.  The Freeport craftsman has recently purchased some of the above tools so he can start turning out bigger articles as did ‘smiths’ of old.  The Browns are noted for jewelry.”

Tools in the upstairs workshop remain an eclectic array.  Large steel rivets, carefully milled mandrels, and hammers retired from grandparents’ tool benches were polished to a mirror finish during our student days, thanks to Steve’s resourcefulness.  These old “friends” put in a full-time work week -to this day – right along with the laser welder, CAD resources and binocular microscopes.